First of all, THANK YOU for your interest in learning more about what I can offer and possibly scheduling a Consultation with me!

Several different applications of Astrology can be used to address specific needs.

The first step in our Consultation is for you to identify the one that best suits your needs.

As a professional Astrologer, I offer three types of Consultations:

- Natal Astrology 

- Rectification of Birth Time

- Electional Astrology

Below you will find a description of the different types of Consultations that I offer.

For information on pricing or scheduling a Consultation with me, please click on one of the relevant links below for the specific type of Consultation that you would like more information about.

Rectification of Birth Time

Rectification is used to determine the specific Time in which a person was born when such Time is not known or uncertain.

Knowing the exact Birth Time is essential to calculate the Natal Chart and to identify future times of growth and success. 

It is a quite involving process based on the comparison of important dates in a person's life with different potential charts to infer the probable time of Birth.

Rectification is helpful both in case you have no clue about your time of birth or in case you are not so sure of the accuracy of your birth time. 

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Natal Astrology

This is the most common application of Astrology. It provides information about the nature and course of a person's life based on the analysis of the so called Natal Chart, which reflects the specific position and alignment of planets in the sky for the specific time and location when a person was born.

It allows to identify wide-ranging information about different areas of life. It includes strategies for better understanding yourself and your growth potentials, and a study of the best way to take advantage of planetary dynamics towards achieving your goals. 

Please use this service also for Horary (the use of Astrology to find answers to specific questions), Vocational (to identify your best professional profile), Relocation (to determine what are the places in which you will thrive the most), Relationship Astrology (the study of the compatibility between individuals), or Medical Astrology (for a general assessment of your health and the identification of critical periods from an astrological perspective).

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Electional Astrology

Electional is a branch of Astrology specialized in identifying the most favorable moment to begin a new venture of undertaking. This application of astrology allows a person to take a more proactive and participatory role in the unfolding of their own destiny.

Electional can be applied to a wide variety of events from simply deciding what is the best time to take a trip, to much more involving decisions such as when to get married or when to start a new business or when to buy a new house.


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