About Me

A Humanistic Astrologer

Humanistic Astrology puts the individual at the center of the horoscope interpretation. The Natal Chart defines the potentials of each individual and helps understanding how happiness can be achieved in life.

Dan Rudhyar, founder of Humanistic Astrology, was used to say that:

"The Birth Chart is The Score  of the Symphony that a Living Man is"

I started studying Astrology in Italy, when I was 11.

After developing a natural curiosity for Astrology and discovering that I was from the same city where Guido Bonatti (the greatest astrologer of the medieval ages) lived and operated, I have always avidly learnt more and more about this fascinating topic, focusing on the humanistic interpretation of the Chart and further re-discovering ancient predictive techniques.


I have graduated with the Highest Honors from the Correspondence Course for Astrologers by Noel Tyl, one of the greatest worldwide renowned astrologers of all times. I also have regularly lectured at the Carroll Righter Association Meetings in Hollywood, CA and I gave lectures at the Los Angeles NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research) Chapter. 

I recently relocated in beautiful Honolulu, HI and I currently see about 30 clients/week from all over the world. I provide consultations mostly via internet and occasionally in person.

My goal as an Astrologer is to help you understand what are strengths and weaknesses in your natal chart and help you develop a self-consciousness to success.

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