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Morgan Max


Astrology is a very powerful instrument to reach new heights, especially when life challenges by putting new mountains along our path.

I offer Astrological Counseling to everyone interested in getting to know more about fully developing the potentials and opportunities suggested within their natal chart in order to overcome difficult periods in life, determining the best times to take actions or simply getting to know themselves better.

As a graduate with Highest Honors of the Astrology Course by Noel Tyl, and lecturer at the Carroll Righter Foundation in Hollywood, CA and the Los Angeles NGCR Chapter, I have developed a unique set of skills and techniques to help with Natal Chart analysis and interpretation. In addition I can offer Rectification (a method to determine how accurate is your time of birth, essential to any astrological consultations), Electional Astrology (to find the best time for a new venture, project or undertaking), Horary Astrology (to predict the outcome of a specific question), Relationship Astrology (the study of the compatibility between individuals), Relocation Astrology (determination of the places with the highest chances of success), Vocational Astrology (the assessment of the best professional profile of a client), and Medical Astrology (an assessment of the general health status of the individual and the early detection of potential periods of critical illnesses).

I am currently located in spiritually charming Honolulu, HI and my consultations are generally provided over the phone or through Skype.

A full recording of the consultation is always provided.

If you are interested in learning more about the services that I can provide, and schedule a Consultation with me please go to the "Consultations" page of this website.

I am also actively involved in Astrological Research Projects. Currently, I'm collecting anonymous birth data from people diagnosed with Lung Cancer, in order to identify whether specific astrological configurations at birth can suggest a predisposition to developing the disease. If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer and are willing to learn more and possibly participate to this astrological study please refer to the "Research" section of this website.


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Below you will find some of my Clients' testimonials.


Morgan is a very kind soul. He has helped me to get rid of my fears and move away from my past. Now I'm a much more conscious self and I know how to face challenges.

A. J., Ohio

Thank you, Morgan. Not only you were able to correct my birth time, but you helped me identify the best times to take action. Under your guidance, things turned out to be very successful and I will always be very grateful to you for this.

N. T., Italy

Our conversations are always empowering and enriching. Thank you for being able to pull out the best in me and to enlighten my path of life with your advice.

L. M., California